What’s on your school’s computers?

Let’s face it, despite all of the talk about Web 2.0 and cloud computing the majority of us are still dependent on the software installed on our computers. 

This process will continue despite all the hype of the web and 2.0. …  and it doesn’t matter if you use an iPhone, Blackberry, MAC, Linux or any of the flavors of Windows … 2000, XP or Vista.  Locally installed software like gas powered automobiles is not dead or going away anytime soon.   Just look at how big of a deal Apple’s iTunes App Store has become.  Several new applications pop up in the iTunes store daily. 

Top all that off with the fact that classroom computer hard drives keep getting bigger each year (does anyone even need this much storage).  Then add the fact that alot of K12 educational PC applications have been around since the 20th century, they are almost always stable and work despite building Internet speeds or any Internet connectivity at all.  To sum it up …. locally installed (client server or standalone) educational software is still important in 2008.

Now despite all of those facts I rarely notice anyone in my Twitter K12 micro blogging network talking about the software they have installed on their computers.  Surely someone out there is buying and installing software in their classroom or on a school office computer for the new school year.

So based on all the above I decided I would start the ball rolling and create a post that listed the software we have been loading on our Windows XP base images this summer.  Our base image is the root of all the other images (K3, Intermediate, Middle School, High School, administrative, etc.) we create.  So in the list you will see very little department or school/classroom level software.  I will leave the list of applications from those images for future post(s).


McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5
Java 6.7
Silverlight 1.0
Rosetta Stone plugin
Microsoft Virtual Earth
XP image resizer
Windows desktop search
CD burning/DVD software – Software that is shipped with the computer


Microsoft Office 2007
Internet Explorer 7
Google Earth 4.3


Windows Movie Maker 2.1
Audacity and Lame MP3
IrfanView – graphic viewer for Windows
Microsoft Media Player 11 for XP
Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0
Adobe Flash 9
Adobe Shockwave 11
Quicktime 7.5
Real Player 11

Now that you have seen my list let’s start a conversation.  Let us know what software you have installed on your school’s computers.


2 responses to “What’s on your school’s computers?

  1. I have Photostory, ArtRage, Kidpix, and Smart Notebook 10 installed on all of my lab computers and will be installing Google Earth soon. Of course we have the basics too…IE 7, Office XP (will be installing Office ’07 soon), etc. I may add audacity to the list this year, I haven’t quite decided yet.

  2. We have a pretty basic set up — PC.
    But I have added Audacity, PhotoStory3, Stop Motion Animator and a few other things.
    And yes, I need that memory — when making movies, the more memory, the better off you are.

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