Introducing the Sony PCS-XG80 1080i video conferencing system

Sony PCS-XG80

Just when you thought your classroom had the latest and greatest in classroom video conferencing hardware Sony introduces the PCS-XG80,  the “industry’s first” 1080i high-definition videoconferencing system. 

According to the electronics-maker Sony of Canada Ltd. , the PCS-XG80 will provide a frame rate of 60 fields-per-second, while users can share PC data at 30 fps over IP or ISDN connections.  

The PCS-XG80 has dual stream functionality, which allows the system to send two simultaneous streams of live, HD information, like a live camera and animated PowerPoint presentation.

It also comes equipped multi-point conferencing, allowing users to call up to five other remote sites to meet simultaneously.  

Sony’s PCS-XG80 will be available in Spring 2008 for under $9,000.

Via [Engadget]


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